Tipis & Yurts


There are 3 traditional Sioux Native American tipis. They are situated past the yurts further into the wood, but still within easy reach of the kitchen and shower hut. They provide a cosy magical ambience.. with the lanterns twinkling, the fire lit and the comfy interior to relax within. A good family space or lovely for couples. All the tipis are the same size and sleep up to 4 adults or a family of 5.

A super king sized bed is provided and foam mattresses for the children, (which can be piled up in the day). A small gas stove and kettle are provided together with two small tables, sheepskins, rugs and firewood.

The main difference between the tipis and the yurts, apart from their shape is the heating inside. The Tipis have a chiminea and the yurts a wood – burning stove. Those with small children or unseasoned campers I would recommend the yurts for the cooler months, as they provide a more consistent source of heat. The tipis are the more adventurous option requiring you to be ‘hands on’ with the opening of the smoke flaps in order to allow the smoke out once the fire is lit. When it is raining you will need to shut these smoke flaps back up. A demo of how to do this is given on your arrival. We have hats on our tipis and drip-catchers fitted to allow you to keep a fire going in light rain conditions.

Outside you have your own fire-pit , hammock and picnic table.


Also known as Gerrs. We have 6 traditional Mongolian yurts made locally by top British craftspeople. Many people comment on how much they look like idillic Hobbit Houses! A perfect magical space for the whole family to experience some luxury camping in serious style. Being circular by design its makes for an incredibly peaceful atmosphere particularly when all the lanterns are lit. Relax and enjoy.

Bluebell and Woodpecker Yurts sleep a family of 5-6 or 5 adults and Little Owl and Valley Yurts sleep a family of 4 -5 or 4 adults comfortably. The main difference between the tipis and yurts is the fact that the yurts have wood – burning stoves for heating, (fireguards are provided, to stop the little ones getting close). Please check out the interactive map if you’d like to see where all the individual yurts are situated.

The interior of your yurt is as you see in our photos .. plenty of beautiful rugs, sheepskins, lanterns, a super king sized bed, foam mattresses for the children, two ring gas stove , kettle plus two small wooden tables and firewood. All you need to bring is your bedding and a torch!

Outside you have your own fire-pit, hammock and picnic table.

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