We pride ourselves on our first-rate facilities. We have two fully equipped kitchens with two electric ovens in each one, shared between 5 tents. The first 4 yurts; Bluebell, Little Owl, Valley, Oak and the Bell tent all share the first kitchen. There are 3 flush toilets and two compost toilets to use and 4 showers all within easy reach of your tent.  It’s fully equipped for all your culinary needs, so no need to bring anything except your food. Each tent has its own fridge too. There are tables inside the kitchen too, making a nice space for families to sit.

The first four yurts and the bell tent also have a wood-fired pizza oven and a wood-fired hot tub to use. Our Swedish Wood fired hot hub is such a beautiful way to enjoy being in nature, with the stars above and being surrounded by trees.. it is perfect. It takes 2 hours to heat and requires about £30 worth of wood. You may pay on arrival when you book it. The pizza oven works on a similar principle, it takes around 2 hours to heat it by lighting a fire in the centre. then push the embers to the back and slide your home-made pizza in! Watch it bubbling before your eyes! It tastes so good baked this way. Well worth it. A brilliant activity for children; collecting the wood, making the pizza dough, choosing their toppings and watching it cook. Firewood can be purchased on site.

* Please note, if in 2021 we need to put extra cleanliness measures in place again for our guests, then each tent will have their own toilet allocated. 3 yurts will will their own shower allocated too, (Oak, Bluebell and Valley Yurts), and Owl yurt and the bell tent will share one shower. All these spaces will have have regular deep cleans.

Woodsman’s Awning’s

There is a large Woodman’s awning just below Bluebell Yurt, with our eclectic selection of wooden vintage tables and chairs, benches and highchair. Perfect for meeting up and socialising and sharing meals or for simply relaxing. Decorated with bunting and lit with fairy lights.

Woodsmans Awning
An eclectic mix of vintage pine tables for you to use whatever the weather..

As you walk further into the woodland along our tracks, you come to another part of the site. This area has Woodpecker and Foxglove yurts and our three tipis, Buzzard, Lark and Robin. All with their own private spaces where you can enjoy some quiet hammock time and BBQ-ing.  Just past Woodpecker yurt on the left, you will see another fully equipped kitchen with everything you will need to cook up a feast. It contains two electric ovens, food storage space, plug sockets, toasters, kettles, saucepans, cutlery, crockery, tables and benches. Each tent has its own fridge too. It is a nice large size and opens at the front to connect you to the woodland. This is a shared space between our 3 tipis and 2 yurts.

Fully Equipped Kitchen's
with electric cookers and your own fridge

The second wood-fired hot tub is nestled between Robin Tipi and Foxglove yurt, in a magical quiet glade surrounded by trees and lit up with our festoon lighting within the trees. It takes 2 hours to heat and requires about £30 worth of wood. You may pay on arrival. Enough room for 6 people.  Our second wood-fired pizza oven is located near the kitchen, so very handy. Again, it takes around 2 hours to get to a hot temperature, so leave plenty of time!  All the equipment and instructions are in the Bake House where the pizza oven is. Heavenly activity, well worth the time!

Two Woodsman’s Awnings are in easy distance of your yurt or tipi. One is located between Woodpecker and Foxglove yurts and the other located close to the kitchen in a peaceful space surrounded by trees and hammocks. Lots of vintage tables and chairs for you to use and share meals and relax. Both awnings are lit by our magical fairy lights and decorated with bunting.

Woodman's Awning
Another awning with vintage pine tables for you to use whatever the weather

You have 3 excellent showers in separate cubicles and a beautiful bath and another shower in the bathroom too.  Two yurts and a tipi have their own private shower and Buzzard and Robin Tipi share the bathroom. The bath may be used by all.

Wood Fired Hot Tubs
... relax under the stars within the trees

Video Shower & Toilet Block

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