What is the difference between a tipi and a yurt?
Besides the obvious difference in the shape of a tipi verses a yurt, the main difference is the way the heat source works. The yurts have a closed cotton canvas with the flue of the wood burner coming out of the top section of the roof. Whereas the tipi has Smoke Flaps which you need to open with a wooden pole,(demos are given on arrival). Once open you can then light your wood burner inside your tipi. Once you have finished with the fire you then close the Smoke Flaps.

Size-wise the tipis have the same surface area as Little Owl Yurt and Valley Yurt and sleep the same number of people, 4-5. Both the tipis and yurts have same bed arrangements and interiors.

Due to the low nature of the tipi doors, older guests need to bend down to enter the tipi.

We recommend the yurts for families with very young children in the colder months as the yurts offer a more consistent heat.

What do I need to bring?
Your bedding (we provide pillows and one king-sized duvet and wool blankets)
Your food

Our kitchen is fully equipped, so no need to bring plates, saucepans etc. We have it all, you may want to bring old pans if you wish to cook over
the fire on your fire pit.

Do you accept groups?
Yes. Our campsite is well designed to offer a fantastic venue for group get-togethers. We are not a party site, but we do except the more down to earth mature all adult groups at our desecration. We have lots of family groups and people wishing to celebrate their birthdays and weddings with us.

The entire site sleeps up to 45 people in total. It is possible to hire half of the site which sleeps up to 20 -25 people, giving you a private kitchen, bakehouse, showers, bath and under canvas eating area.

If I do hire half of the site which tipis and yurts do I get?
The Southern end of the site; woodpecker yurt, foxglove yurt, buzzard tipi, robin tipi. and lark tipi. Sleeping 25 people in total. The Northern end of the site; bluebell yurt, little owl yurt, valley yurt, oak yurt. Sleeping 20 people in total.

If I hire your site for a wedding what is the maximum number of guests we can have?
The whole site sleeps up to 45 people over a weekend. But you may have a further 30 guests on the Special Day for the day and evening at a cost
of £5 per person.

Is the site suitable for disabled people?
Yes. It is possible for wheelchairs to move from the car park to a yurt or tipi without encountering any steps. Please call Julia for more details as to which tipi or yurt would work best for you considering your individual needs.

Do you accept dogs?
No, sorry, only guide dogs.