Our campsite is an excellent location for a group get together. Many of our guests come for the first time and hire one tipi or yurt, and after their stay comment that they would love to hire out half the site or the whole site for a celebration or just to gather their friends and family together to spend some quality time with them. We are lucky in our location, been so central to the country, making it an easy place for people to gather where ever they may be location wise.

Being a ‘peaceful family and couples campsite’ family groups are very welcome. All adult groups need to contact Julia via email to discuss their needs first. We have put much love and care into developing a beautiful site, and need groups to respect and look after it. So, respectful all adult groups will be considered. We are aware that not all adult groups want to party. We have many people that wish for a ‘down to earth’ type of gathering!

You may wish to hire half of the site. The Northern part consists of; Bluebell and Oak Yurts, sleeping up to 6 people each and two regular-sized yurts, Little Owl and Valley Yurts, sleeping 4-5 people each. Sleeping a total of 20 people. You do have the option of hiring Robin Tipi too, taking the total of people to 24. We also have a bell tent just past Oak Yurt that sleeps 4 people if needed.

In this area of the woodland, you will have the Northern Kitchen, 4 fantastic showers, 3 flush toilets, one compost toilet, one roll top vintage bath, Earth Oven (for pizza cooking) and one large under canvas eating space with tables and chairs large enough to seat 24 people. There are plenty of fire pits outside each tipi and yurt to gather around. You also have access to the 17 acres of woodland too!

Location wise, you are closer to the car park and farmyard area, making it easier of those with young ones and older people that find walking a long distance a challenge.

The Southern part of the site is tucked away further into the woodland. It consists of; 2 larger yurts, Woodpecker and Foxglove, sleeping 5-6 people each and 3 tipis Buzzard, Robin and Lark, sleeping 4-5 people each. Sleeping a total of 22- 24 people. You may wish to hire Oak Yurt too, bringing the total number of people to 29. You also have the Southern Kitchen, 3 fantastic showers, vintage roll-top bath within a private bathroom, 3 compost toilets, 2 under canvas eating areas with tables and chairs and an Earth Oven for cooking pizzas. There are fire pits outside each tipi and yurt for cooking and gathering around in the evening to toast your marshmallows! 17 acres of woodland to roam in too, all completely safe for the little ones.

Location wise you are further into the woodland, about 300 meters from the car park. There are wide paths from the car park to your tents. Wheelbarrows will help you take all your luggage and food.

We do have catering contacts for those who wish to have the hassle taken out of spending time in the kitchen preparing meals.

You can order your vegetable, meat, cider and fruit from Carey Organics and they will deliver to your kitchen on Friday.

You can also order with Sainsbury’s or Tesco and have your food delivered.