Hot Tubs

We have two wood-fired hot tubs. One within the first 4 yurts and bell tent as you enter the site, The Northern End, and another within the Southern End of the site between Foxglove and Robin Tipi.

We have wood-fired hot tubs that seat 6 people comfortably. A beautiful way to enjoy the woodland… or the stars if you have a night time relax. Surrounded by solar fairy lights at night its magical. Note to parents, hot tub areas are safely enclosed within hazel hurdles with a gate to access. Located in a fairly central location within all the tipis and yurts so easily accessed by all.

Being wood fired it required you to light the wood burner (attached to the tub), and keep the fire going for 2-3 hours until the water is up to the desired temperature. If you replace the cover after use, the water temperature will remain warm, so less wood is needed to reheat. Wood wise, it will require about £30 worth of firewood. Its £6.00 a bag and can be purchased from Mark or Julia on-site once you arrive or later in your stay.

Water is replaced even two days to keep the water quality clear and fresh.